Badm 460 final exam study guide 50 mcqs

1.      Needs assessment is a process that is used to determine if, and what type of, training is needed.

True  False

2.      Modifying a job may be the best solution to a productivity problem.

True False

3.      Simpler tasks, such as word processing or filing, are learned efficiently by cognitive techniques.

True False


4.      Multimedia technology lets trainees retrieve information when they want it and in the way that makes the most sense to them.

True False


5.      The concept of “career” can also apply to homemakers, parents, and volunteer workers.

True False

6.      A growing number of people in managerial and professional careers are less obsessed with advancement, continual success, and a continually increasing salary.

True False


7.      The recruitment rate is higher for those who receive realistic job previews (RJPs) than those who do not.

True False


8.      Systematic career planning can close the gap between the needs of the individual and the needs of the organization.

True False


9.      Glass ceiling initiatives on behalf of women risk unlawfully discriminating against men

True False


10.  Some states allow employers to terminate employees for almost any reason that does not violate federal or state statutes, while others require just cause

True False

11.  Employee Assistance Programs are limited by law to addressing substance abuse issues.

True False


12.  The Americans with Disabilities Act officially recognizes alcoholism as a disability.

True False


13.  The discipline process is designed to prevent difficulties and to help employees succeed.

True False


14.  One of the basic problems with progressive discipline is that it focuses on future behavior.

True False


15.  The positive discipline approach avoids punitive action, including discharge.

True False



16.  ___________ introduces new employees to the organization and to his or her new tasks, managers, and work groups.

A. Orientation

B. Training

C. Development

D. Both A and B are correct.


17.  During the final phase of a well-designed and systematic orientation program, the employee is assigned to:

A. A mentor

B. Training sessions

C. A work team

D. The job


18. Needs assessment usually involves all of the following except:

A. a training analysis.

B. an organizational analysis.

C. a people analysis.

D. a task analysis.


19. The goal of _________ examines the question did the knowledge, skills, or abilities learned in training

lead to improved performance on the job?

A. training validity

B. transfer validity

C. intraorganizational validity

D. interorganizational validity                  


20. _______________ is required to assimilate what has been learned, to accept it, to internalize it, and to

build confidence in it.

A. Repetition

B. Reinforcement

C. Time

D. Group discussion


21. When members of a team suspend their assumptions and take up a “think together” mode that embraces

the collective good and eschews self-interest, it is a phenomenon called _______________.

A. conversation

B. dialogue

C. discussion

D. conversion


22. The most widely used method of training is _______________.

A. On-line training

B. Seminars

C. Classroom instruction

D. On-the-job training


23. Behavior modeling is also called ________________.

A. interaction modeling

B. imitating models

C. behavioral interaction training

D. Both A and B are correct.


24. Deciding on a training and/or development approach is done by weighing all of the following criteria


A. The number of training courses to be developed

B. The availability of development materials

C. The instructor’s capabilities

D. The employees’ learning efficiency


25. Advocates of rotation and transfer contend that this approach:

A. Broadens the manager’s background

B. Accelerates the promotion of highly competent individuals

C. Introduces new ideas to the organization

D. All of the choices are correct.


26. Management development should be planned because it requires all of the following except:

A. Systematic diagnosis

B. Development of a program

C. Mobilization of resources

D. Bottom-up support


27. Behavior modification is individual learning through _______________.

A. reinforcement

B. repetition

C. observation

D. feedback


28. Some people consider punishment a poor approach to learning for all the following reasons except:

A. Administering punishment negatively reinforces poor management behavior.

B. The results of punishment are not as predictable as those of reward.

C. The effects of punishment are less permanent than those of reward.

D. Punishment is frequently accompanied by negative attitudes toward the administrator of the punishment as well as toward the activity that led to the punishment.


29. Which of the following is not one of the three types of criteria for evaluating training?

A. Internal

B. External

C. Cost

D. Participants’ reaction


30. Although each individual and each career will be different, it is reasonable to assume that esteem and

self-actualization would be the most important needs in the _______________ phase of their career.

A. maintenance

B. retirement

C. establishment

D. apprenticeship



31. The professional’s primary activity in _______________ of their career is to be an independent


32. Not all professionals experience career stage IV, the _______________ phase.


33. The personality type of a person who is analytical, curious, methodical, and precise would be




34. Nurse would be a good job fit for someone who has the _______________ personality type.


35. Career development programs are most valuable when they are all of the following except:



36. _______________ is planning a specific job sequence.



37. Serious crises that are frequently associated with midcareer include _________.



38. Which of the following conditions would not be considered as necessary for an effective job posting system?


39. White males make up approximately _______________ of the officers in the largest corporations.


40. ________ is the criterion most commonly used in determining who will be laid off.



41. Studies indicate that _______________ is one of the leading causes of recent increases in workplace violence.



42. The Omnibus Transportation Employee Testing Act of 1991 __________________.


43. A survey of security directors at Fortune 1000 companies identified ______________ as the greatest threat to organizations today.

44. EAPs _______________.



45. Training in the administration of an EAP will typically direct a manager that when they become aware

that an employee’s performance is declining, they should


46. ADA prohibits discrimination against __________.


47. The disciplinary process concludes with _____________________.


Which of the following is not a court sanctioned exception to the doctrine of employment at will?


49. Firing an employee that testifies against their company in a criminal manner is an exception to

termination under the employment at will concept due to _________________.


50. When an employee with a psychiatric disorder poses a risk of violence; under the ADA



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