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Different Types of Maturity Stages and the Variables as Per the Middle Manger

The manager of the organization is the person who generally manages the different things of the organization and there are different maturity stages and variables present for the middle manager’s best practices arc. Such stages are:

Technology Leadership

Leadership is one of the qualities that the leaders of the organizations generally have and with the help of leadership the different technologies are implemented. The technology leadership stage is one of the important stages of the middle manager’s best practices act. Leaders of the organizations generally manage the team and promote the culture and ethics of the organizations (Roth, 2016).

Technology Processes Comprehension

All the technologies which are installed in the organizations generally have different processes and with the help of the manager maturity stage, the technology processes generally work fine for the organizations. This stage also states that how the employees and the manager of the organizations generally make the best use of the technology (Roth, 2016).

The Multiplicity of the Technology Perspective

In this stage, the multiplicity of the different technology is identified by the employees of the organizations, and with the help of the technology how the technology can be used to increase the value of the organizations (Roth, 2016).

Technology and Competence Recognition

As the manager of the organization, generally manages different things, in this stage, it describes how the employees of the organizations learn the different things about the technologies and how to take the organizations into the competition levels. This maturity stage also recognizes the potential employees of the organizations and trains them on the different technologies which are new to them (Roth, 2016).

Stable integration of Technology

Technology integration is one of the important things for organizations and with the help of technology integration the organizations can perform different tasks. With the help of the IT executives, the organizations can make use of the different tools and the technologies of the organizations and those are the person who generally helps the organizations to identify the solutions to the problems (Roth, 2016).


Technological Maturity

Various maturity states occur and are associated with various scenarios of importance in accordance to the best practices as per middle manager. The recognition of technology and implementation of competence is a critical consideration that is the first stage in best practices for middle manager (Langer, 2018). It is a critical process that is used in showing the capacity associated with learning by middle manager (Langer, 2018). Addressing key issues is associated with the conceptualization and approach towards organizational interaction and the factors that are associated with technological skills from a cognitive perspective (Bourgeois et al., 2019). Other essential considerations entail the assessment of management presence and the management value systems (Bourgeois et al., 2019).

Scenarios associated with multiplication of critical factors associated with business implementation plays a critical role in the consideration of the second stage as well as the best practices for the middle manager (Langer, 2018). This is associated with the ability to carry out an integration of critical opinions when implementing technical projects (Bourgeois et al., 2019). The process is a critical one and is associated with the implementation of effective career advancement approaches. Enhancing the presence of management factors and expansion of key values also plays a fundamental role.

Business implementation is associated with the approach associated with the need to multiply the business implementation from a technical perspective. This is the second stage that is associated with display of critical opinions as well as their importance (Langer, 2018). Technological stability plays an important role for organizations as well as the assessment of critical maturity process (Langer, 2018). The fourth stage is associated with business implementation also as well as the need to deploy critical cognitive and technological skills (Langer, 2018). The consideration of technology leadership from a leadership scenario plays a very critical role. Leadership is achievable through ensuring the middle manager critically implements the cognitive and technical skills (Bourgeois et al., 2019). Generally, the dimension variables entail critical factors such as project ethics, organizational interactions, management presence, management values, cognition, and business technology.



I would like to choose a dissertation topic on Big Data Analytics for evaluating the operational performance of traffic signals in different states in United States. As the country itself has 50 states with 4 climatic conditions, and respective rules and regulations for traffic flow. Although, many organizations focus on transportation agencies but could not be able to analyze the performance of signals, the government should take control of the concerned problematic signals as they cause delay to the people destination places and prolong the traffic flow. Many cities like Utah does not even have proper transportation facility as the day-to-day traffic patterns are different.  The performance of the traffic signals should be analyzed not only for the better improvement of the state but also it empowers the finance sector as researched by (Poddar, 2020).

Here, Big Data Analytics play a crucial role in identifying the locations with traffic signal issues along with climatic conditions. As such, if the temperature falls below, many traffic signals will not work properly which cause major hazards and accidents. Even many new techniques are being performed to control over the signal parameters by evaluating through adaptive control system but could not be able to analyze the traffic flow during current situation as lockdown persists in some of the counties. Hence, IoT gadgets like sensors, cameras, wearable gadgets and smart devices should be carefully monitored to help cities manage traffic more efficiently. New measures like google could services and other technologies should take control over the traffic signals problem which can overcome numerous stages of performances. More research work should be done to identify such problematic performance issues to apply some necessary regulations.



The author performed a review of literature to answer the question “What are the

barriers and facilitators of Big Data in health care case management?” From this review the author found Big Data benefits that can assist with integrating patient healthcare results, clinical trials, and outcomes which in helps patient care and reduce costs (Brazle, 2019).

The rational for study occurred after an article review by Brown, Chui, & Manyika (2011) found that the United States more on healthcare than the rest of the world without better outcomes. The found through additional research that Brown et al. (2011) asserts Big Data adds significant value for the economy (Brazle, 2019).

The Actor Network Theory model was used in this research. This model was chosen due to the complexity of many actors contributing to the healthcare costs and processes. As examples the researcher named providers, insurance companies/ payers, hospitals, management, case managers, care managers, clinical business processes, doctors notes, wearable devices, mobile devices, sensors, computers, phones, privacy, government policy, therapists, social workers, data scientists, diagnostics, hospitals, Big Data analysts, and pharmacies (Brazle, 2019).

The findings of this research found 5 decision maker insights after a literature review of articles published after 2014. Results used to answer the question landed in three groups:

  1. barriers and challenges of Big Data in case management.
  2. combined facilitators or enablers of Big Data in case management.


  1. implications of Big Data for case management through case studies and examples on how Big Data has been successfully implemented in health care case management processes (Brazle, 2019).



I would like to choose Dissertation Topic on Cybersecurity. Cybersecurity is an incredibly interesting topic area to complete our dissertation in, with it becoming increasingly prominent as technology is so heavily integrated into our daily lifestyles. Cybersecurity is always around us, from simple security systems that protect our mobile devices to complex strategies to secure personal data for big corporations. This helps to provide an array of different opportunities for completing an engaging and innovative cyber security dissertation. Some of the most important topic areas that exist within the field of cybersecurity include cybersecurity and cryptocurrencies, cybersecurity’s impact on business and economics, the role of cybersecurity in world affairs, cybersecurity and cybercrime, and how cybersecurity connects with big data and the Internet of Things (IoT) (Martin, 2020).

Cryptocurrencies are very much the trendy topic in the world of cyber right now, with there being numerous studies exploring various aspects of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. However, few of these aims to contextualize the link between these technologies and cybersecurity, both for how blockchain technology can enhance cybersecurity, and what cybersecurity strategies can be used to protect cryptocurrencies. The following topic titles provide engaging research reviews into these key areas (Kevin, 2019).

  • A historical overview on the development of cyber security to enhance cryptographic security of blockchain technologies.
  • A critical analysis of cyber-attacks and cryptocurrencies  (Martin, 2020).

Organizations are having to invest more and more of their financial resources into cybersecurity to protect both their systems and their customers’ data. This lends itself to many new study areas that aim to explore how cybersecurity can be managed in the organizational setting, and what the potential return on investment for these strategies is.

  • An analysis of the mediating role of risk management on the implementation of a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy.
  • The use of Virtual Private Networks to enable remote working: A review of critical cyber security implications for developing successful VPN systems  (Martin, 2020).



Financial Institutions Adapting to Cybersecurity Regulation Modifications: A Qualitative Multiple-Case Study

This dissertation focuses more on how organizations develop policies and guidelines that would guide in enhancing the needed security solutions. It notes that much as organizations are being allowed to develop strategies to mitigate cybersecurity risks and threats, it is important for them to remain within the regulations, and should fully comply with the developed standards. These regulations are important in ensuring that technologies are not misused when it comes to dealing with the risks and threats. The findings are that information culture and information security budget are related, hence the need for an organization to ensure that it develops strategies and allocated the needed resources to fight cybersecurity risks and threats. All these should happen in full consideration of the laws and regulations in place (Buker, 2021).


An Analysis of Information Security Governance Models

Several organizations, if not all, are integrating Information Technology with their system of governance to move with the current trend of most top-notch organizations in the world. As most organizations expand, so does their level of security, especially on the governance of their Information systems (Al-Fatlawi et al., 2021). Information security refers to the accountability and performance carried out by the board of governors or the management of an organization to ensure they are ascertaining risks, meeting objectives, and maximizing resources. Therefore it is the duty of executives and the organization to ensure that security measures are put in place to safeguard their Information systems.

It is no longer an IT department affair but the responsibility of top management to undertake these security measures (Moghadam et al., 2018). Despite having put in place these measures, attack on Information systems by malicious software is still taking place. Therefore, this research on the analysis of Information Security systems is vital as it is brought to light the security breaches and which security models to put in place to protect good governance in an organization (Chen et al., 2021). The deployment of one security framework may not be enough to fight back a security breach. Organizations should combine more than one framework to have a good security foundation. Various types of security frameworks can be deployable by organizations, namely; COBIT, SOX, ITIL, and ISO 27001.

The research proposes using Enterprise Information Security Architecture, a combination of COBIT, SOX, ITIL, and ISO 27001 framework model, which brings in robustness insecurity of the Information System (Al-Fatlawi et al., 2021). Enterprise Information Security Architecture brings in a variety of risk management approaches. It converts them into decisions that assist the organization in understanding the type of risks to expect, how to carry out protection, and how the top management can utilize their power and authority to undertake protection at their level.


Analysis of cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities: Skills gap challenges and professional development

This is the dissertation topic that has been chosen, and it focuses more on the various threats and vulnerabilities concerning cybersecurity. It mainly emphasizes on addressing the gap between the skills which the professionals typically have, and what they should have in an ideal situation to ensure that all issues are properly addressed. The findings show that there is a gap that exists, and this should be addressed to ensure that the right solutions are obtained, based on the competence levels of the professionals  (Tsado, 2016). Addressing or bridging this gap will help to ensure that the professionals add the needed value, which would especially be important with the changing nature of threats and cybersecurity issues within the working environment.


This paper will demonstrate a dissertation overview of Mulemba, done in 2020. The name of the dissertation topic is “Information Technology Strategies Automotive Retailers Use to Improve Customer Retention. This topic is excellent to research and finds since all of the IT strategy can help the business managers of automotive retail dealerships improve customer retention. In my opinion, this topic is outstanding, and it will demonstrate the importance of the IT strategy for a business to increase customer retention and encourage more loyal customers. Yes, the main point is rooted in the literature. Mulemba has demonstrated multiple case studies that elaborate the four business managers from 2 automotive retail dealerships in the Western Region of Saudi Arabia who has used IT strategies to retain customers. Mulemba has also used lots of sources for the research purpose of this dissertation.

Mulemba has recommended utilizing e-commerce platforms as an IT strategy for overall business improvement and increasing customer retention. This dissertation has mentioned the CRM tool. According to Memmola. 2008 “CRM technology allows organizations to gain a better understanding of customers’ implicit and explicit needs and wants. With improved information, prices can be efficiently set to cover costs, deliver value, and extend profits “(p. 101). An organization can be redesigning its structure with the help of an E-commerce CRM solution and get tremendous benefits from the cutting-edge technologies.

The dissertation also demonstrates Customer Experience Management (CEM), “customer experience management (CEM) is the process of strategically managing a customer’s entire experience with a product or a company” (Schmitt. 2010, CEM section). CEM focuses on the customer, and the concept will direct the organization if they consider using CEM is more on management concept for the customer not for the marketing purpose. Comparing CRM and CEM is better because it helps build a prosperous relationship between the customer and the organization. As a result, there is more loyalty with the customer, which eventually helps the business grow further. Nevertheless, Mulemba has demonstrated an excellent topic with extensive research from various sources.


Infotech industry is moving along at the fastest rate in the history of Information Technology Industry. The industry growth rate is around 20 percent, but it is expected to grow at an exponential rate in future. This rapid growth has made the industries like IT services and Software development companies, highly competitive. This is expected to change and grow the job prospects in the Infotech industry. And to face this ever-growing competitive scenario we should plan and take a structured approach towards developing our infotech products. Today, it is most important thing for the us to be smart to learn a new technology and in Start Plan, Infotech, which is used in this plan, is all about new technologies that all students have to know to boost the grades.

Well, a technology is a concept, belief, skill, or technique. It is a systematic approach that allows us to obtain certain knowledge. Infotech start plan is also known as “Infotech plan”. it is an important part of the total plan of an Infotech. The concept of the import of “Start Plan” is to give  a start and a chance to gain knowledge that will make him or her to be better in their study. There are many such Start Plans that are used in Infotech. These Start Plans are used to make students to understand the basics of all the subjects, that is how a student is made to understand the concepts of any field of study. The start plan for Infotech is a plan with specific guidelines and criteria that will make the learning more easier for the student.

For people to be in a position to get involved in the import of computers, laptops, and other electronic merchandise they want to make sure they get the very best prices feasible for products of this nature. They could be prepared to buy an import item from a large quantity on the web store and in the end be certain they are only paying the ideal fee. It is important that their business enterprise have the ideal system in place for the import of these products. They need to be able to do a background examination on the product they are interested in and then they need to be able to make sure that it is genuine and can be utilized on the marketplace that they are searching to enter. (Revathi & Aithal, 2018).


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