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Project Description:

In this project, you will apply skills you practiced from the objectives in Excel Chapters 4 through 10. You will develop a workbook for Frank Osei, the Vice President of Finance, that includes financial information and analysis regarding winter product revenue.


Open   the Excel the file Student_Excel_Comp_Cap1_Winter_Revenue.xlsx downloaded with this project.


On the Idaho Store worksheet, in   the range B9:B16, use the Fill Series feature to enter interest rates   beginning with 8.50%. Decrease the amounts by .50% ending with 5.00%. Format the rates as Percent Style with two   decimal places and apply bold and center. 


In cell B8, enter a PMT function   using the information in the range B2:B4 to calculate a monthly payment. Be   sure that the result displays as a positive number.


In cells B8:H16, create a Data   Table using the information in cells B2:B4 where the row input cell is the   Period and the column input cell is the Rate. Apply the format in B8 to the   results in the data table, and then AutoFit columns C:H. Format the payment   option closest to and less than $8,000 per month with the Note cell style.   Change the Orientation to Landscape.


On the Quarterly Apparel Costs   worksheet, apply the Currency [0] cell style to the range B6:E6. Apply the   Comma [0] cell style to the range B7:E17. To the range B18:E18, apply the   Currency [0] and Total cell styles. 


Name the ranges B6:E10 Coat_Costs; B11:E14 Pant_Costs; B15:E16 Hat_Costs; and B17:E17 Glove_Costs.


Insert a new row 15. In cell   A15, type Marmot Mountain Pants. In cell B15, type 11200. In cell C15, type 11695. In cell D15, type 12315. In cell E15, type 13275. Display the Name Manager, and   then edit the Pant_Costs name to include row 15. Select the Hat_Costs, and   edit the name to Headwear_Costs. (Mac users, click Define Name and made edits   using the Define Name dialog box.)


Click cell B19. On the Formulas   tab, in the Formula Auditing group, click Error Checking, and then select   Update Formula to Include Cells. Use the fill handle to copy the corrected   formula from cell B19 across through cell E19.


On the Quarterly Apparel Costs   worksheet, in cell B25, insert a SUM function to sum the Coat_Costs named   range, using the name in the formula. Create similar formulas in the range   B26:B28, being sure to use the range name in each formula. In B29, calculate   a total, and then apply the apply Currency [0] and Total cell style. Apply   the Currency [0] style to cell B25 and apply the Comma [0] style to the range   B26:B28. Save the workbook.


On the Quarterly Apparel Costs worksheet, record a Macro using the   name Report_Title and the Shortcut key CTRL+o. (Mac users, use Option+Command+j). Store the Macro in the workbook, and as the Description, type Report heading.   Click cell A1, type Front Range   Action Sports and then press CTRL+ENTER. Merge and   center the text across the range A1:E1, and then apply the Title cell style.   In cell A2, type Apparel Costs, and then press CTRL+ENTER. Merge and Center the text across the   range A2:E2, and then apply the Heading 1 cell style. Click cell A1, and then   stop recording the macro. Delete the text in A1:A2, and then test the macro.



Edit the Report_Title macro to   display the Visual Basic Editor. Select and copy all of the code, close the   Visual Basic Editor window, and then paste the code in cell A32. Display the   worksheet in Page Break Preview. Move the page break to position it between   rows 30 and 31 so that the VBA code displays on Page 2. Return to Normal View   and save the file as a macro-free workbook.


On the Product Information worksheet, select the range A4:C11, and   then sort the data by Style Code in ascending order. Select the range A5:C11   and then name the selection Lookup_Table.


On the Phone Order worksheet, in cell A9, type P-SR and then   press TAB. In cell B9, use a VLOOKUP function to lookup the Item in cell A9   and insert the description from the Product Information worksheet using the Lookup_Table range as   the table array. The description is in column 2 of the table array. Fill the formula down through B18. In cell C9,   type 10 and in cell   D9, type Black and then press TAB.


In cell E9, use the VLOOKUP   function to insert the unit price of the item in cell A9 using the Lookup_Table range as the table array. The   unit price is in column 3 of the table array. Fill the formula down through E18.


In cell A10, type C-BK and in C10 type 12. In cell D10 type Red and then delete rows 11:18. Sum   the Order Amount and apply the Total cell style.


On the Skier Attendance worksheet, in the range G4:G10, insert Line   Sparklines to show the attendance trend for each location over the five-year   period. Show the High Point and Low Point.


Insert a Line with Markers Chart using the ranges A3:F3 and A9:F9.   Reposition the chart between cells A13 and G27. Edit the Chart Title to Skier Attendance at Sun Valley. Edit the Vertical (Value) Axis to set the Minimum to 5000 and then   format the chart using Style 4. Change the width of the line to 4.0 pt. and   insert a Linear Trendline. Deselect the chart.


On the Expense Report worksheet, in the range H15:H21, create   formulas to sum the data in each row, not including Date and Description. In   cell H22, enter a formula to sum the total expenses. Apply Accounting Number   Format to the ranges C15:H15 and C21:H21. Apply Comma Style to the range   C16:H20. In cell H22 apply Accounting Number Format and the Total cell style.   


Select the ranges D7:F12 and A15:G21 and format the cells so that   when the sheet is protected, the selected ranges are not locked. Protect the   sheet and be sure the top check box to protect the worksheet and the first   two check boxes in the list are selected. Enter the password go.


On the Winter Program Revenue   sheet, in cell B4, create a DAVERAGE function to calculate the average of the   Amount   field for the   Lessons category. The Criteria range has been set up for you in the range   A3:A4. In cell C4, create a DSUM to calculate the total of the Amount field for the Lessons category.   Format the range B4:C4 using Accounting Number Format.


In the Winter Program Revenue   sheet, click cell A9, and then insert the Recommended PivotTable Sum of   Amount by Category in a new worksheet. Rename the worksheet Revenue   PivotTable. Use   the Month field as the report filter. Use the Ski Area field as the row   labels and the Category field as the column labels. Format the values in the   PivotTable using the Number category with zero decimal places and the 1000   separator.


On the Revenue PivotTable   worksheet, insert a footer with the file name in the left section and the   sheet name in the right section. Change the Orientation to Landscape and   center the worksheet Horizontally. Fit the Width to 1 page.


On the Revenue PivotTable   worksheet, insert a PivotChart using the Stacked Column chart type. Move the   chart so that it’s upper left corner is positioned in cell A13. Drag the   lower center sizing handle down so that the lower edge of the chart is in row   33. The chart should cover the range A13:F33. Apply the Layout 3 chart   layout, and Chart Style 9. Add and center Data Labels to the chart. Replace   the text in the Chart Title with 2nd Quarter Program Revenue and then hide all of the field   buttons on the chart. Save the workbook.

  Note, Mac users, on the Insert tab, click Recommended Charts, and then click   Stacked Column.


Display the Idaho Store   sheet—the first worksheet. Select cell B33, type 6, and then press ENTER. Use Solver to predict   breaking even after 6 months. The Set Objective box, should be set to $B$38. Edit the To option to a Value   of 0 and the By Changing Variable Cells box should display $B$34, $B$36. Keep the Solver solution.


Save and close the file and   submit for grading.

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