Seu Ecom101 review project


























What is the business?
Ounass online general shop

What is the idea? (the visioning process)
It is an online business that is majority based on selling all kind of products including, clothes , shoes,beauty products,jewellery,accesories,home products,vintages,etc

Introduce the e-commerce business you have chosen.
Ounass is an e-commerce store located in middle east in Saudi Arabia. It was launched on 15th december 2016. It is an e-commerce website business that deals with fashion and beauty to lifestyle and homeware.

Product and type of services.
What are the different types of products? Explain
The ounuss online store provides a variety of products which includes different kind of clothes and latest fashion of clothes in the market.When it comes to beauty products we have variety of products which we sale which include haircare, make ups,bath and body, skincare.

What kinds of services does the online store provide? [ customer service, exchange and return, delivery, and payment options] Explain
When it comes to customer service we provide customer care services whereby our customers can communicate with ounass and we are always available anytime they contacts us for any enquiry about our services.
incase you received damaged item we offer free replacement of item without any charges.
When it comes to delivery we normal deliver them to customer in 2 to 3 day after placing an order.
In mode of payment we only allow visa, mastercard,paypal,cash on delivery and online credit.

Business statement.
Definitive Home of Luxury
Business vision
The online destination where you can shop an expertly curated selection of some of the world’s best international designers and local Middle Eastern talent.

Business objective.
To maintain some degree of adaptability

Where is the money?
The money is made through the website when the customer order products and pay via paypal and mastercard or pay on delivery.

What is the company’s business model?
Ounass works a cross breed commerce demonstrate that combines both discount and commercial center. “This permits us to preserve a certain level of adaptability when it comes to our brand partners,” says the company, citing triple development number of commercial center brands. Not all experimentation has demonstrated effective.

What is the revenue model? Give a general idea of how the business generates revenues

Ounass obtain its greatest e commerce net sale in fashion category particularly in the area of apparel with a net sale of approximately US$4.0 million which is approximately <0%.

Who and where is the target audience? Explain
The composition of audience reveals that the current market share across the various audience as 53.09% male and 46.91% females. The largest age group of the visitors ranges between 25 to 34 years old.
The data of the audiences reveals that the audience are most likely to be of modern lifestyle because the age group suggest that they are learned. They are interested in fashion and apparel and shopping.
Consumption pattern
The consumption pattern has reduced in the last three months because the global ranking of ounass has decreased from 103469 to 120859.

Characterize the marketplace.

The size of is relatively high due to its ranking in the global market, the higher the demand reflects an increase in the market size to supply the products.
The Ounass reflects a high rate of growth due to its continuous expansion of branches in Middle East as a whole. It has gained fame in the countries such as Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman and Dubai.
The composition of audience from last month reveals that the current market share across the various audience as 53.09% male and 46.91% females.
It has a monopolistics competition structure also known as competitive market. There are a large number of firms that have small proportion of the market share and have slightly differentiated products.
The market is very competitivebecause of the availability of online stores that deals with fashion and apparel such as, etc.

Research the market and give an idea about each point
The market is highly competetive and of monopolistic structure therefore the business should invest in advertisement and online ads to reach a bigger market.

Describe the content of the business website
Web contents refers to thevisual, textual and aural contents published in a website. It contains both text and multimedia contents.It contains engaging contents that are carefully organised into categories for simplicity and easy navigation.
Conduct a SWOT analysis for the business (Explain each point)
At least three points for each.
A Swot analysis is an organized and strategic planning and managements approach to obtain the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats about business project planning.

Weaknesses Strength
● The customer experience may become expensive because the business emphasise in providing the best customer experiences and this causes the customers to take advantage of such experiences.
● The Ounass brand is not as high and popular as other brands thus penetrating the market is somehow difficult.
● It works with great brands and offers a large number of famous brands of cosmetics that are admired and trusted by all customers and offers a variety of products thus the customers has lots of option to choose from.
● It also provides the largest selection of modern beauty products with good interest and of high quality.

● The products are quite expensive and people tend to buy the same product offered by other online business at a cheaper price.
● In addition provides offers and discounts on all products and different sector.


● Good market knowledge since ounass has been in the industry for quite sometime, it has great knowledge that it can use to understand the ever changing customers taste and needs and work appropriate to acquire success in the market.
● It experiences high growing demand because the market for personal care and otherproducts is expanding. People use this products on daily basis thus demand increase.
● There is an exposure to the new markets thus enables to acquire things of greater value and a chance to penetrate the market.
● The company experiences market difficulty because almost all new online business comes under beauty and cosmetics thus customers become anxious about the products and attracts them.
● The intense competition from other big online business such as Alibaba that have roots and are widely known proves very difficult.
● Controversies with the law can really affect the business when an agreement is not obtained fast.
Develop an e-commerce presence map.
(For example: website, email … etc.)

Explain the design of the system 4 marks
Explain in detail the design of the system

Explain the current business e-commerce features
What are the current website features?
● It contains brand log the web page contains the brand log of the business.
● It contains accessible contact details at the bottom of the web page.
● The website is easy to navigate because it has a good architecture and is very simple.
● It is mobile friendly design and can be accessed easily using mobile phone.
● It has the social media elements of the owners at the end of the page.

What types of these features can be annoying to customers?
The website provides the business log at the bottom of the page and it should be at the most top of the page in order to attract the attention of the people visiting the site.
I would relocate the business log at the top page of the website in order to gain the attention of the audience.

Explain the business e-commerce process
1. Attract this involves getting people to know you business through content marketing, digital advertisement, affiliate partnership and the use of social media.
2. Convert this involves get people to get to urge to want to buy by gaining heir trust ,split testing by making sure you show the right message and the right product to get a high conversion rate.
3. Close this process should include trying to complete the checkout process by retargeting ads to the customers that might have second thoughts on purchasing that products.
4. Retain, launch the operation retain the customers to come back such as sending valuable emails to the customers, provide offers and avoid spamming the customer by bothering them with daily emails.


Explain in detail all the steps from the time user enters the website until the final user buys a product.
a) Identify and recognise the problem and confirms that the problem can be solved with goods and service.
b) Gathering of information by researching on how to solve the issue by the use of google.
c) Evaluating solution after doing a research.
d) Purchase phase, this is the stage where the consumer is ready buy the product.
e) Post purchase phase this is where the seller may require reviews and ratings.






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